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Sustainable living is comfortable living, too


Sustainable living is comfortable living, too

Eindhoven has big ambitions in the area of sustainability. Nieuw Bergen fits perfectly into that green picture. And the great thing is: aspects that are better for the climate and the environment are far better for residents themselves, too.

It goes without saying that Nieuw Bergen features an almost entirely energy-neutral climate control system. And that’s just the start of it. Nieuw Bergen is taking many steps beyond that to make it a pleasant environment to live in. Everything has been considered, from parking to relaxation.

Light and noise
The homes feature large windows which are almost entirely triple-glazed. On top of providing a stunning panoramic view over the city centre and letting an abundance of light into your home, you also enjoy total peace and quiet.  Combined with green roofs and extra-insulated façades, they keep all external noise from getting in. The sustainable glazing also limits temperature fluctuations inside the homes. No matter what the weather is doing outside, the climate indoors remains consistently comfortable.

The sloping roofs allow the area to benefit from as much light and sun as possible. The design is conceived for the buildings to line up discreetly and not overshadow the surrounding area. No matter how prominent Nieuw Bergen appears, this modern construction does of course integrate into its surroundings.  It feels at home there, just as its residents will soon do, too.

A comfortable local climate
You can feel a similar kind of peace in the neighbourhood. The public spaces are there for relaxation and offer children abundant opportunities for play. Residents park their cars, scooters and bikes in the underground car park, so the streetscape is never disrupted. Not even by public parking spaces, as there aren’t any in Nieuw Bergen.

The space saved is filled in with pocket parks: small areas of green distributed around the neighbourhood. It can be up to 5 degrees warmer in the city than outside it. Therefore, urban green areas are cooling as well as being aesthetically pleasing. What’s more, trees and green façades capture a lot of the particulates. Adding green enhances the air quality, too. So not only is sustainable living responsible, it is also highly comfortable.

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