24.11.2022 News

starts in 2023

Iconic project Nieuw Bergen in the heart of Eindhoven gets a definite go

Years of intensive cooperation between the municipality, local residents and our partners has borne fruit: Nieuw Bergen has been given the go-ahead. This prestigious project with international stature will form a small new district in the heart of the city of Eindhoven.
Area developer SDK Vastgoed (VolkerWessels) is proud that Nieuw Bergen’s seven iconic buildings will embellish the Eindhoven skyline.

“In 2016, Eindhoven Municipality issued the tender to redevelop the area near the fire station on the Deken van Someren street. Eindhoven is synonymous with Technology, Design and Knowledge, and we have reflected this in our Nieuw Bergen plan. We are not just adding 3,200m2 of new green space to the city, we have explored a proper interpretation of this area together with local residents. Here, the generations of today and tomorrow will live, work and meet in a warm and safe atmosphere”, says Ferdinand Gremmen – managing director of SDK Vastgoed.

With its unique inclined roofs, Nieuw Bergen sits perfectly in the development of Eindhoven as a city with a distinctive international character. The internationally renowned architecture firm MVDRV was responsible for the design.

“Eindhoven city centre is a desirable place to live. So metropolitan density was needed, but we wanted buildings with character, not standard residential towers. That was one of the reasons for the cropped roof inclines. We did this by tracing an imaginary 45 degree angle from each of the surrounding buildings, resulting in varying heights and shapes for all seven structures. Another advantage of cropping the forms is that it allows maximum incidence of daylight for the apartments and at street level, which is of course especially appealing for future residents”, says Jacob van Rijs – co-founder of MVRDV.

Indigo, Violet, Bleu, Rouge, Orange, Jaune, Vert
Prompted by the idea of inclusivity, the seven urban icons of Nieuw Bergen (Indigo, Violet, Bleu, Rouge, Orange, Jaune and Vert) jointly form a new district in the centre, comprising social housing apartments, rental apartments in the mid and high segments, and various categories of owner-occupier apartments. The combination of these iconic residential towers, luxury apartment complexes and high-end renovations means future Nieuw Bergen residents can enjoy a trendy place to live.

Construction and completion
Joep van Eijkeren, development manager at SDK Vastgoed. “All eyes have been on this project ever since the planning and permit procedures and we are very pleased that this special project is going ahead. The environmental permit recently became irrevocable, and the sale of the properties is in full swing. There will be a total of 237 dwellings, of which more than 80 percent have already been sold. A confirmation for us that Eindhoven is more than ready for cutting-edge, sustainable and iconic architecture. The construction of Nieuw Bergen will commence in early 2023. Completion is scheduled for mid-2026.”