03.06.2021 Background

Different characters form a whole

The visual style of the buildings

Different characters form a whole

The sloping tops and roofs of Nieuw Bergen immediately catch the eye. Not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also sustainability counts. Because they are covered with integrated solar panels on the one hand and grasses on the other. Some roofs have been opened up to make room for communal areas, which are powered by solar panels. In this way, green and connectedness are given a place in the heart of the city.


The buildings each have their own character and at the same time are in balance with each other and the surroundings. This is why the distinctive style of the roofscape is continued in the facades. Together, they form a long gradient from Edenstraat to the existing buildings on Grote Berg. This course begins in the neutral white tone of Indigo and ends with the reddish-brown brickwork of Jaune and Vert.

Fitting into the surroundings

Apart from the colour tone, the gradient is reflected in the size of the window openings, the texture of the cladding and the dimensions of the elements. In this way, the new buildings blend remarkably well into the existing surroundings. Except for Jaune and Vert, all buildings will have triple glazing. This gives the homes maximum comfort; the temperature is stable and the soundproofing ensures peace and quiet in the home.

Unity and diversity

Indigo and Violet have a special relationship with each other. The shapes of the two buildings are strongly related, so that together they form a unity. Durable ceramic façade elements protect the buildings against the changing weather conditions. Rouge and Orange also have a strong affinity; both are made of brickwork with large stones. Rouge is finished with a rather sleek, greyish brick. Orange bridges the gap between the new and existing buildings, and closely matches the façades of Jaune and Vert. Bleu is at the heart of Nieuw Bergen, and can be recognised by its elegant, slightly blended grey block plastering.

Hand-selected stones

Vert is the former police station dating from 1927. The façades consist of bricks with a characteristic shape and structure. Some of the façade surfaces of Jaune and Vert will be renewed. The bricks are baked again in the Netherlands’ only coal-fired ring furnace, after which they will be manually selected for this project.

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