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Living in calm while enjoying the city to the fullest

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Living in calm while enjoying the city to the fullest. Events you simply cannot miss.

There’s plenty to do if you live in Nieuw Bergen. Your direct surroundings are vibrant enough already, but sometimes, large-scale events are hosted nearby, drawing great crowds. On those days, you are lucky to live in Nieuw Bergen. Just a walk away from events like Glow, but without the hassle of being stuck in the bustle for a week.

Dutch Design Week

The Dutch Design Week has been a centrepiece of the event calendar of Eindhoven for years. In October, just after autumn arrives, Eindhoven becomes the place of your dreams if you love design. When you exit one of the seven buildings of Nieuw Bergen, you may run into a ‘design ride’. These are free taxi cabs that will take you to the many expositions and events. That way, you can enjoy the Dutch Design Week (or DDD, as some call it) to the fullest.


The Glow light festival takes place just over a month after the Dutch Design Week. During this event, the city is full of light art and light arrays that dazzle the whole world. Nieuw Bergen is right at the epicentre of this festival. Chances are that you’ll (literally) catch a glimpse by looking out your window. And if you want to see more, you can simply walk outside and enjoy a hearty cup of mulled wine while marvelling at one of the world’s most phenomenal light shows.


Whether you’re a football fan or not, attending at least one game of ‘our’ PSV is a must, really. Just to cross it off the bucket list. During home games, the city bustles with supporters and simply bursts with good cheer. Getting from Nieuw Bergen to the stadium takes no time at all. Would you prefer to watch the game from one of the bars? You can reach the Kleine Berg or the Kerkstraat within a minute.

Eindhoven Marathon

The Eindhoven Marathon is the largest two-day sports event in the province of North Brabant. A grand sports event with an international character and an attractive mix of about 17,000 runners and 200,000 people in the audience.

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