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The sale of Nieuw Bergen has started

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Nieuw Bergen Iconic Living. Own it.

Iconic architecture. Exceptional luxury.
A hyper-modern appearance with respect for the environment. At the heart of Eindhoven, Nieuw Bergen gives new meaning to sophisticated living.

The sale of Nieuw Bergen
has started

Seven new
city icons.

Seven architectonic highlights serve to shape a luxurious, peaceful area in the city. Nieuw Bergen creates space for 237 residences in various segments.


For the metropolitans
of tomorrow.

Nieuw Bergen is a unique part of Eindhoven with international appeal. A truly envy-inducing place to live. At the heart of the city, but with a warm and safe atmosphere.

Its iconic architecture goes hand in hand with great living comfort. Metropolitan, yet rich in design and with plenty of green. Sustainable high-rise construction with the most beautiful materials. If there is any place you can embrace sophisticated metropolitan life, this is it.

Construction time

The construction time for buildings 1 to 4 in Nieuw Bergen is 3 years. The construction time for buildings 5 to 7 is 2 years.