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Violet —
2 Penthouses, 1 City loft and 23 Luxurious residences

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Violet — 400°

Living large is
not just about
square meters

A dignified yet accessible residential tower, designed for luxury and comfort. The green roof is one of the distinctive highlights of Nieuw Bergen and offers a fine balance between sustainability and high-end design.

A cosmopolitan view at the heart of the city. Violet provides unrivalled living comfort through a sustainable and iconic design. A hyper-modern appearance that respects tradition.

The Van Abbe Museum and the Vesteda tower.

close to the beat
of the city

If you enjoy urban life, you will definitely enjoy Nieuw Bergen. Opportunities to live like this are few and far between. You will be living in the middle of a historic part of the inner city, in an iconic marvel of modern architecture.

Highly comfortable, with something happening in your neighbourhood at all times. All the sports, cultural and culinary facilities you need to add a splash of colour to your life.
Iconic living. Own it.

Iconic Living.
Own it.

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